Sunday, September 06, 2009

The New Japanese Prime Minister or Which Office Is More Accessible?

Thank you Guy for sharing his experience:

I called Taro Aso's office about 12 midnight my time, 4 pm Japan time. I talked to one lady who ten transferred me to another lady. I was not sure if I reached his office. I asked if I reached Taro Aso's office. The lady answered he's not in. I told her I wanted to leave a message: Congratulations. She burst out laughing. I told her I was just learning Japanese. I said [i]omedeto gozaimasu[/i] (formal for "Congraulations"). I think she was a bit amused. She did get my name.

After that I got on the computer and saw a news story on Taro Aso's election to prime minister which was dated "one hour ago." My guess was I called shortly after he was formally elected prime minister. When I told a Japanese lady about this she thought it was interesting I could get two live people. She remarked that in America you get a computer or recorded message. To be fair, maybe I just called at the right time. I guess I was surprised how easy it was to get through to his office and that there were people who spoke English. I can't remember if I called after I read his got the prime minister's office or before. The one hour ago story came afterwards. But perhaps I read another story which said he was elected prime minister. I knew that after he got the presidency of the majority party (LDP) the vote for the prime minister was a bit of a formality.

Well if he lasts, perhaps we may see an increase in anime and manga viewing worldwide. When he campaigned for the presidency of the LDP in 2006, he said he wanted to promote the three J's: Japanese Fashion, Japanese manga or Japanese comic books (and anime), and Japanese pop music. He is known to be a big manga fan.

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