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De Anza Week Sept 21, 2009

Mon Sep 21, 2009

The first day of school. I'm taking Financial Accounting 1A 3:30pm-5:40pm and Social Dance 24A 7:00pm-8:40pm Mondays and Wednesdays. I'm taking accounting because accounting may be my second major. I plan to transfer to San Jose State majoring in accounting (or something else). I'm taking dancing because dancing is one of my favorite and newest hobbies thanks to my sister.

I arrived at 2:30pm to secure parking. Plenty of parking. I parked in the garage to keep the car cool. The weather was hot! I walked around the lecture buildings to find my room. No problem. I walked to Campus Center to stay cool. The main areas were packed with students. I found an open bench downstairs and rested. I saw a list of clubs in De Anza. There was an anime club listed; unfortunately, there were no meetings. Even if there was a meeting, I doubt I join. I check out the De Anza clubs. The website is

I walked to accounting at 3:25pm. I entered the room and sat in the front row. I wore my driving glasses to see the white board and projector clearer. The instructor has been teaching part time for 10 years. He works part time and has an MBA. Homework is turned in online or hard copy. It's the first time I complete homework online. Times have changed.

After class, I walked to my car and I reparked closer to the bookstore and the Visual Arts Center where the dancing class is taught. I kept my laptop in the trunk because backpacks were prohibited inside the bookstore. The accounting textbook is actually papers that needed a binder to keep together. The cost is $65 $-( I walked out of the bookstore after waiting a long time in line I saw Chun. I was surprised to see him because I thought he attended De Anza Tues and Thur. I got his scheduled confused. We chatted a bit and he told me about his classes.

Chun went to his night class and I walked back to my car to put my accounting book in the trunk. I saw Phong walking out of a classroom. Phong tried to add a night class. No go. We hung out for the rest of the six o'clock hour. We both walked back to my car. I dropped off my accounting book and I picked up my laptop.

Phong and I split up at 6:55pm. I had my dance class at 7pm. I saw three classmates from my Spring '09 class. The instructor and her assistants were back. We are learning the Nite Club Two Step. In Spring '09, there was no dance lesson on the first day. Tonight, there was. I also saw a classmate from my Japanese class in Spring '09. She said about half of the students dropped. And there was a student who spoke Japanese. Coincidentally, they were next to each other as the ladies switch partners.

One requirement was to attend a dance show. The ticket was $17. I paid my $17 and a few classmates and I purchased tickets for the Fri Oct 2 show. Finally, I signed up for the Wed class via the add code. I attend both Mon and Wed night dance classes. My sister approved!

Wed Sep 23, 2009

Man, what's with the cars! I drive surface streets to De Anza from my house. The freeway takes longer. I arrived at class five minutes late and just in time for the quiz. The quiz was lighthearted and a great way to take attendance. Teachers, take note of another way to take attendance.

The class voted on Mon for no breaks. I voted for a break. The class starts at 3:30pm and ends at 5:25pm instead of 5:40pm. Today's class I almost went out. I went out just in time when the lecture was almost over. The instructor finished lecturing Chapter 1 on the introduction of accounting including what is accounting and the basic accounting principle.

I always sit in the Campus Center between accounting and dance classes. I work on my blogs and surf the web. I purchase food if I'm hungry that actually happened =( I'm trying to save money $-) I bring snacks from home. Usually, I repark my car closer to the Visual Arts Center. Today, I keep my car in the parking garage because of the hot weather.

The dance class we are learning the cha cha cha—again, at least for me and a few classmates from Spring '09. It's good ^^ Great to review and to improve my cha cha cha. There were a few students from Mon's class taking the Wed's class. I recognized a few. Next week's dance class I wear my dancing shoes.

Side note: If I find a job, I drop my accounting class.

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