Wednesday, February 23, 2011

De Anza Week Feb 21, 2011

Mon Feb 21

President’s Day holiday. Campus closed. I needed the break after three weeks of fatigue and stress. The three day weekend gave me time to refocus as the Winter ’11 quarter enters March next week.

Tue Feb 22

It was another easy day in Quickbooks. The instructor continued his detailed lectures and tells us what to read and what not to read. The homework assignments have been easy. Today’s lesson I completed the homework assignment due next week.

Parking was easier because I have plenty of $1 bills to pay for parking.

Wed Feb 23

I scored an 82% on the Intermediate Acct mid-term. I take it. The professor said the overall scores were better than his past classes. He didn’t comment on the class average and he didn’t announce the curve. I talked to a few classmates. We agreed the mid-term was not hard. There was too much to know.

The professor explained the written portion. Most of the students ignored his explanation as we conversed with each other and compared our answers. Sorry, professor. We were worried and most of us were relieved we passed.

My changes reading, doing homework, and studying a little each day has worked. I followed the professor lecture for Chapter 16. There has been no stress for Intermediate Acct and Intro to Business.

We discussed the Libya unrest and oil stocks in Intro to Business. The class was focused and attentive. The second part of the lecture we talked about Chapter 14. The class was unfocused and inattentive, lol.

I ate out for the second time in a row. There were no leftovers from home. I ordered a crispy chicken bento box at Tapioca Express. The bento was delicious.

There was a substitute teacher for dance class. The instructor had a performance. The substitute taught Salsa. I didn’t like him because he taught patterns too difficult for beginners in past classes. I was surprised tonight’s lesson was easier; however, he still failed to engage the students like our dance instructor. I gave him kudos he improved.

The weekend movie is King Kong (1933).

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