Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stay Focus

I have been losing focus since Jan 1. I’m slightly concern. My focus lost is minor. I forget little things here and there. I drop things. I make a mistake. My concentration has been off at least once a day for most of a week. Moreover, there were a few days I felt tired. I hope my losing focus is not a serious medical condition.

It Has Happened In 2010 and 2011

I remember losing focus when I attended De Anza College in Winter ’10 and Winter ’11 quarters. I remember the campus dreaded Winter ’10 after the 2009 Christmas break. On the other hand, the campus welcomed Winter ’11 after the 2010 Christmas break. Weeks went by in both quarters. Students experienced typical stress from their classes and life outside school. I lost focus. There were days I stressed out.

I have the same feeling currently. I admit I experience some stress from job searching instead of studying for mid-terms. I experience anxiety when I send a resume and cover letter. Is the company going to call me for an interview? The job search is tough.

Optimistically, everything seems to come together and my focus comes back as the year approaches the spring season. I handle my stress very well. My senses are razor sharp. I have full control over my life. My question is why do I lose focus in the early months of the new year?

Consistency Is A Must

My daily life has been inconsistent. The gym workouts, cooking and eating meals, completing errands, and my online activity such as checking emails, social networking, and sending resumes are completed at different hours per day. I admit it is hard living with my aging parents since I help around the house. I’m doing my best to establish a consistent daily routine.

More People Are Like Me

It seems I’m not the only person losing focus. My observation skills tell me some people have difficulty focusing. I see people making mistakes, especially driving. I’ve seen people drive erratically and dangerously such as unsafe lane changes and cutting in. I see people behaving badly in supermarkets. Some people start arguments because they’re impatient. 2012 is the worse beginning of a new year since I don’t know when.

Off The 2011 And New Year’s Eve 2012 High

Let’s not get depressed. Most people had a good 2011 year. I was in San Francisco on New Year’s Eve 2012. There were huge crowds around the bay. Everyone was having a blast and partying. There were people talking, celebrating, and being loud. The happy parties and celebrations are over. 2011 is history. Let’s get back to the present moment. Focus on 2012. Make 2012 a better year than 2011. If 2011 was a bad year, then make 2012 a good year.

Relax And Take It Easy

Do everything one at a time. Relax. Take a deep breath. Concentrate on your present task. There is no need to rush. There are days when a plan is delayed or trashed. Don’t take your frustrations and stress out on other people and on the road. They’re ineffective. Just go with the flow. No matter how bad a day went, remember the world didn’t come to an end.

Side note: Winter ’11 was the worse quarter because I missed an entire week of classes due to sickness and the instructors for my classes were boring.

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