Thursday, January 05, 2012

No More Complaining, No More Wining

Don’t sweat the small stuff or just forget it is another way of living a positive life. I used to be a person who complained, whined, and made a big deal out of everything. I used to be a person who criticized, condemn, and compared myself with others, especially weaker people to feel stronger and smarter. I used to be a person who was an expert at everything, and I expected people to appreciate and respect me. I criticized and condemn people who were an expert at everything they do when they made a mistake.

The person above no longer exists in me. I imagine if I’m the same person today, then I have no friends. I could have been fired from my last jobs for wining and creating misery. The person above shows signs of insecurity, unconfident, being naive, and lacking life experience. The person is afraid to make mistakes and learn from them.

Let me take the person above and add another thought. This is experience talking. The person who complains and wines daily is alone. The person complains and wines just to get attention--negative attention. I had a very small amount of friends. I took that small amount of friends for granted such that I didn’t need to make new friends. I complained and wined daily a long time ago. Anyone who met me for the first time didn’t want to be my friend thereafter.

Avoid being a miserable person. Chances are the miserable person stresses himself or herself unnecessarily. Chances are nobody else caused the stress. Avoid complaining and wining chronically. These are the people nobody wants to associate with. We are human. We make mistakes. A miserable person is making a mistake being miserable, complaining, and wining. Stop those. Learn from those mistakes. Be confident. Life is really not that bad. I believe the more friends a person has, the less likely the person becomes miserable.

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You have a point in you post. All you said is true.

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