Thursday, December 29, 2011

2004 Was A Good Year

I wrote about how wisdom can change what we thing about our past in my last blog. I continue the blog topic to talk about my 2004 and the specific moment. I talk about the specific moment first.

Fanime Con 2004 Was Actually A Good Anime Convention

I have thought about Fanime Con 2004 being a bad con for me. The reasons were, um, were--I can’t think of any legitimate bad reasons. Thinking now, there were either illegitimate or stupid. The following were the good moments: There were no lines in the dealer’s room. I watched many anime in the video rooms. I caught up a friend’s brother I hadn’t seen in four years. I stayed awake for 26 hours including watching 17 episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist (FMA) during the midnight marathon. The best moment was after episode eight in FMA, I said to myself, “I’m going to cosplay (the main character) Edward Elric.”

I don’t know what I had been thinking. There were a few bad moments here and there. Those bad moments were small compared to the many good moments at Fanime Con 2004. I shouldn’t let those small moments ruin the convention. I shouldn’t make a big deal over those small moments that bothered me. Wisdom changed my thoughts on a past moment. I’m happy to change my thoughts that Fanime Con 2004 was a good convention.

2004 Was Actually A Good Year

Here are the good moments:

*Las Vegas. Bellagio, Paris Las Vegas, played $4/$2 low-limit Texas Hold ‘Em at Binion’s Casino, rode a bus on Las Vegas Blvd. from Fremont St. to the strip, and won $80 playing craps and the camel races game both at Luxor.

*My website Innovate Infinitely went online on May 1.

*My first anime costume was Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. Thank you FMA midnight marathon at Fanime Con 2004. Thank you mom for making the costume.

*As a result of wearing a costume, I didn’t quit anime. I thought about quitting after Fanime Con 2004.

*Played online poker for fun at

*Purchased the Nintendo GameCube.

*Curses are meant to be broken. The Boston Red Sox won the World Series. The last time the team won was in 1918.

*New look. I started to buzz cut my hair.

*I marathon the anime series Rurouni Kenshin TV series a few nights in Dec. Thank you fireflywishes for lending me the DVDs.

What were the bad moments? Was it work? Kinda. Thinking back, it actually got better in the second half of 2004. I created new reports and learned Photoshop in the Graphics Department. Then what happened that was bad? It must be something small, childish, stupid, and/or being immature I can’t remember now. Wisdom changed my thoughts. I’m happy to change my thoughts that 2004 was a good year.

Side note 1: I update my Top 30 Most Memorable Moments stating Fanime Con 2004 is my number one moment on my webpage. The Top 30 consists of top moments during my first 30 years in my life.

Side note 2: Three of the top ten most memorable moments 10 years after I graduated San Jose State took place in 2004. There were Las Vegas, my webpage, and JapanTown Anime Faire. Click here to view.

Side note 3: I wrote a blog changing 2007 from a good year to a bad year. Read the blog clicking here.

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You sure had a good time at 2004. I can say that its your one of the unforgettable moments.

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