Saturday, September 29, 2012

Junior Trivia For All Ages

Take a deep breath. Think carefully. Good luck!

What shape is a raindrop? Starts out round, gravity pulls to teardrop shape
What is Bert's hobby on Sesame Street? Collecting paperclips
What do you call the posts at the ends of a football field? Goalposts
Where would you find a "Jib"? On a sailboat
In what country is the city of Berlin? Germany
During the Jewish Passover holiday, what do you do with matzos? Eat it
In the book "The Little Engine That Could", what could it do? Climb over the hill
What number do opposite dies of a die always add up to? 7
Where is a person's sense of balance located? In the ears
Hans Christian Andersen wrote a fairy tale about which duck? The Ugly Duckling
What is the symbol on the Canadian flag? Maple Leaf
What is the first number with "a" in its spelling? One thousand
What color is the submarine that the Beatles sing about Yellow
In what sport is the slap shot, wrist shot, and screen shot used? Hockey
How do most bats sleep? By hanging upside down
What is a timpani also known as? A kettledrum
What is the capital city of the United States? Washington DC
In the Bible, what was the occupation of Mary's husband, Joseph? A carpenter

Those questions above are level 1 for ages 5-9. Take a deep breath. Here are level 2 questions for ages 10-13 and adults:

Who films the seas in his ship "Calypso"? Jacques Cousteau
Where does the "next batter" wait for his turn at bat in baseball? The on deck circle
What is the common name for the disease "Hydrophobia"? Rabies
What was one of the most famous violins of all time? The Stradivarius
What does a spacecraft use "retro-rocket" for To slow it down
Which U.S. Presidents are not buried in the United States of America? The ones still living
What did Dorothy's 3 friends in the Wizard of Oz want from the Wizard? A heart, courage, and a brain
How many points do you get for using all your tiles first in Scrabble? 50
The auto instrument that shows the number of revolutions per minute is called what? A tachometer
Where is the nape on your body? The back of the neck
Where is Yale University? New Haven, Connecticut
What is the purse that is hung in front of a Kilt called? A Sporran
Gene Tunney and Joe Lewis were famous for what sport? Boxing
In a certain winter sport, you use a luge. What is a luge? A wooden toboggan
What is sodium chloride better known as? Salt
Who wrote, "I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me? Robert Louis Stevenson
How many stories in the Empire State Building? 102
How long is four score and seven years? 87
What is the Statue of Liberty made of? Copper

I begin this blog posting trivia questions because trivia is necessary to communicate, to meet new people, to begin a conversation, to continue a conversation, to break the ice, and to end silence in a room full of people. Trivia brings people together.

I was a fan of trivia when I was a child. Trivia games were one of my favorite board games. My first exposure was my uncle's Trivia Pursuit board game. My brother, cousin, uncle, aunt, parents, and I asked each other random questions from the cards. All of them asked my questions on the television show Leave It To Beaver. I answered all of them correctly.

I falsely realized trivia was useless when I started high school. It didn't help me get good grades. Why did I waste time and brain space with useless trivia. I ignored information and facts outside school. I realize now trivia could have helped me in terms of getting along with friends, classmates, and teachers. Trivia could have connected me with more students with conversations and social situations such as a birthday party or sports competition. I could have more friends. Furthermore, I believe trivia makes a person human smart. Human smart is not necessarily being smart like science, engineering, computer, law or rocket science smartness.

I welcome trivia today. Knowing trivia keeps my brain active learning and retaining knowledge. I receive a trivia question every day on my Twitter account. I listen to any conversation talking about any subject. There is always something new to learn. Listening to others is a good way to get along with other people.

I own four trivia board games. The first is Junior Trivia, a card game I fell in love with in junior high. The second is Perplex City, a trivia board game from Great Britain. The third is The Simpsons Trivia Game, a board and card game to represent my Simpsons fandom. And the fourth is Beyond Balderdash, a bluffing party game filled with obscure trivia. I'm looking forward to play trivia games soon.

Source of trivia questions: Junior Trivia, Trivia Games Inc., 1983

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