Monday, November 25, 2013

Blogs Coming Soon

My last blog I posted, Work Nov 23, 2013, was my first days at my new job. I found a job at a retail start-up doing data entry and bookkeeping. My work blogs is one type of blog I write frequently. I anticipate the blogs are written when I feel it's worth my reader's time. For instance, work blogs can be written daily, weekly, three days straight, or once every two weeks. It depends.

The second type of blogs coming soon is sharing my experiences job searching. The experiences include past interviews, suggestions from my friends, mistakes, lessons learned, websites I visited, and my opinions. There is a timeline documenting my job searching moments. The reason why I want to share my job searching experiences is to remember how I job searched such that if I have to search for a job again, then I have my experiences blogged. Another reason is to share my job searching experiences so good people looking for a job may learn a lesson or acquire a job searching tip.

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