Saturday, November 23, 2013

Work Nov 23, 2013

I found a job. I'm a data entry/bookkeeper at a retail start-up. My first day was on Wed Nov 20. The job is my first since graduating with an AA degree in Accounting at De Anza College. The job market continues to be tough. The market is still an employer's market. It took me almost two years and five months to find a job.

I blog my work experiences and moments here titled "Work" followed by the posted date. The working blog is written frequently which includes my highlights, lowlights, discoveries, and conflicts. No work place is 100% perfect. I regrettably never blogged my working days at my prior jobs. My first work blog follows:

My first day at work was a long day. All my first days at work were the longest. Even my first day at Blockbuster Video was the longest because I worked overtime putting VHS tapes back on the shelves after Memorial Day weekend.

The training started the first minute clocking in. I met some my co-workers which continued each day. One of the managers is training me in their cloud database. The database is okay. I worked with unfriendly databases in the past. The processes and researching take time to establish a procedure. There is still more to learn.

My body and mind were focused unconsciously to I learn as quickly as I could. I came home exhausted. One concern regarding the working environment is the back end of the store covered up the windows with paper. There are too much inventory boxes such that it's like a maze. I take advantage when the roll up door opens to take a breath of fresh air and to see the outside.

The adjustment continues today as my mind and body change to working full time with weekends off. I had been staying home seven days a week job searching and relaxing as an unemployed worker. I need to establish a routine sleep pattern and adjust my priorities, errands, and leisure time. I need to reschedule my dentist appointment for my routine checkup.

The first three days working gave me a better understanding why some people quit. There were frustrations, confusions, information overloading, and making mistakes. Management is not rushing my training; although, it feels like a cram course. Some people don't want to change their lives. I'm making changes in my life; for example, commuting, fewer hours of sleep, and less personal time. These quitters can't adapt and compromise. Quitters avoid challenges.

The end of each of the three days I felt I wanted to quit. I even questioned myself why I accepted working here. I had doubts whether I made the correct choice working here. I believe most new employees ask themselves the same question. I did when I worked at my first job after graduating San Jose State and at Cisco. Everything went okay weeks later. I believe everything is going to be okay.

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