Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Luck Is Part Of Life

Everyone must accept luck is part of life. Everything we do luck is a factor such as winning a contract, winning a contest, receiving a job offer, playing board games, and being at the right place at the right time. Conversely, losing a contract, losing a contest, not receiving a job rejection, losing a board game due to a dice roll, and being at the wrong place at the wrong time. There are times a success or a failure ends up being lucky or unlucky.

Some people have luck going in their favor many times. Some people have luck going in their favor a few times. Some people deny good luck or bad luck a factor in their daily lives. Good luck or bad luck factors more in life than most of us believe. Luck can be the deciding factor. Sometimes luck is the deciding factor. The common lucky life includes a well-being family, good health, high intelligence, no cavities, no financial debt, no car accidents, and living in a good neighborhood. Further, living dependently on good luck must be avoided. Never depend on good luck dictating how to live life.

My opinion regarding luck is the most successful people under appreciate luck and the least successful people over-rely on luck. The most successful people say hard work, determination, desire, motivation, strength . . . the clique description words describing their success. These people rarely say good luck. These people downplay luck. I believe these people must recognize good luck as a factor for their success. There are other people who can do the same or better. The least successful people say patience, waiting for the opportunity, hoping for the next break, too many rejections, bad timing, relaxing before the working . . . the clique description words describing their frustrations. These people say they're getting no good luck. These people pray for good luck. I believe these people must improve their efforts to increase their chances of getting good luck to be successful. There are other people in similar situations for which they eventually succeed.

I hope everyone's luck improves. I hope for the best. Nobody lives a life with too much good luck. Tragedy is waiting. Nobody lives a life with too much bad luck. A big break is coming soon.

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