Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Schools Have Summer Vacations And Life Has Summer Vacations

2016 was a bad year for the majority of the people. We wanted 2016 to end. We wanted 2017 to begin. 2017 begins a new year. 2017 begins a new beginning. 2017 begins a new *fill in the blank*.

I wrote a blog You Must Create The Endings on Mon Apr 30, 2007. I blogged schools and colleges have endings when the school year breaks for vacation. Life doesn't have endings. People are responsible for their endings.

I correct myself. Life does have endings. Dec 31 is the ending of a calendar year. There are endings to a season such as sports and television. There are fiscal year endings. Life can be one book series with chapters, volumes, acts, and parts. Sometimes people control their endings. Sometimes fate, destiny, karma, life itself, call it whatever, controls the ending. Nothing lasts forever.

Further, life has summer vacations in another viewpoint. There are times people need to stop for a breath. Timeouts and checkpoints are part of life. People take vacations to break routine. We need to refresh. We need to recharge. We need a temporary escape. Everyone find time for a vacation no matter how big or how small. The vacation must be sincere.

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