Saturday, January 14, 2017

Live Quitting Or Die Believing

A common life quote is "patience is a virtue." How long does a person wait? How long does a person believe?

I'm job searching since my contract was satisfied. I have been getting calls, interviewing on the phone, and interviewing in person. No job offers. I review my existing job skills such as Excel, Access, and SQL. I learn new job skills such as Python and CSS. I believe I find a new job. I believe what I'm doing now helps me in the future. I have faith the job skills I learn are used in my next job. I have faith the books I read keeps my brain strong. I have faith working out at the gym slows down my aging.

I digress. When do I stop believing I find a job? When do I stop believing I live independently? When do I stop believing I meet new people and create new circle of friends? We're all human. Life goes on. Frustration can defeat a person's motivation. I must be strong. I must be courageous. On the other hand, what is strength and courageous? I live my weekday unemployed. What am I going to do?

How long do I wait? How long do I believe? One more year? Three more months? My entire life to the day I die? I have nothing to lose. I can quit to live a life being a nobody. There's something inside me keeping my hopes alive. I tell myself being a nobody is not me. I motivate myself to move out of the house. I want to be in the driver's seat controlling my life, living a consistent life, making my own choices, and living proactively.

Generally speaking, how long does a person believe? The length depends on the situation, the magnitude, the circumstances, the alternatives or the substitutes, and the individual. There is no correct or incorrect answer. There are no standards or formulas. Making the football team. Buying a house. Earning a job promotion. Graduating from an academy. Mastering a skill. Finding love. Overcoming an addiction. Being healthy after recovering from health problems. When does a person stop believing after how many failed attempts? It's a judgment call.


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