Saturday, January 07, 2017

Top Ten Men Truths wrote an article Men Reveal Harsh Truths That Every Man Should Accept: 19 Harsh Truths That Every Man Needs To Accept on Thur Jan 5, 2017. These truths are shared from common ordinary men like you and me. The topics are successes, relationships, sex, happiness, and anime. The article inspires me to share my men truths. These truths are from my experience and from my observations. I bet $1,000,000 most twenty-year olds and some thirty-year olds ignore my truths. Also, most forty-year olds and older know I speak the truth.

Number four and number five is one truth separated into two. Number four is don't be sorry for yourself for your problems. Number five is stop complaining about your crappy life. Here are the top ten men truths:

10. Patience is a virtue. However, there is no virtue being patient watching television and/or playing video games eight hours a day.

9. If you haven't kissed a girl by age 30, then there's something wrong with you.

8. You can't change your past. You can change your opinion about your past.

7. Never ignore your problems hoping they go away. Sometimes ignoring problems work. Sometimes ignoring problems don't work. The late Steve Jobs ignored his problems. One problem he ignored cost him his life.

6. Nobody lives a life protected from harm. Never take life for granted such that nothing negative happens to you which is naive thinking. Somehow and someway life finds a way to give you tragedy. On the other hand, somehow and someway life finds a way to help you when you're in a bind.

5. Stop complaining about your crappy life. Life doesn't care about your problems. Too fat? Get physical. Eat healthy. No job? Search every weekday for jobs. Learn new job skills. No friends? Learn social skills. Get help.

4. Stop blaming your problems on other people: friends, family, significant other, co-workers, bosses, neighbors, ex's, and competitors. Don't be sorry for yourself. Be responsible. Be strong. Be courageous. Man up. Solve your problems. Get help.

3. Most successful people never admit timing and luck are factors to their accomplishments. They're factors without question. However, they're not the only factors themselves to be successful. Hard work, intelligence, repetition, and grit are factors, too.

2. A common saying a person's inside is more important than a person's outside. The common saying is false. Inside and outside are equally important. A gentleman presents himself strong and confident never wears plain white t-shirts, light colored jeans, and shoes and socks from Costco. He puts effort looking good on the outside to communicate truthfully looking good on the inside, and vice versa.

Honorable mention: Everybody is weird. You're weird. I'm weird. For example, one of my hobbies is taking pictures of police cars. Yes, it's weird taking pictures of police cars.

1. Time is the ultimate judge. Time will tell what you're doing in the present results in something good or something bad in the future.


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