Monday, February 12, 2018

Doing The Same Routine Boredom

Routines can be good. The person knows what to do. The person expects the outcome. The responsibilities are completed. The tasks are satisfied. There are times routines are routines. He or she does the same over and over again. They become boring. The person becomes bored. Many people think being bored is nothing to do. True. The routines are another type of boredom.

The same routines boredom is a signal to take action. Getting the signal is easy. How to take action is hard. Is their desire to change something different? Yes. Find something, anything new? Yes. Keep the eyes open. Keep the ears listening. There may be a new interest. There may be a new hobby. Find a distraction. Go back in time. Go front and present doing something, anything new. Maybe a self-discovery is a new long-term activity. Doing something different even half-ass is better than doing nothing; for example, mix-up the daily routines. The goal is eliminate the boredom feeling. Hope for the best.


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