Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Unknown Future Is Common Knowledge

A neighbor moving out inspires another blog life continues. Nobody knows the future. The future is uncertain. Everyone changes. We change for better. We change for worse. One blink of an eye life is different. Life is better. Life is worse. Regardless, we live another day. We move forward.

Everyday people are born. People die. People move to a new city for better or for worse such as a job promotion, job transfer, divorce, or a new beginning. Children become teenagers starting high school. Crimes are committed. Police arrest criminals for which some are first time felons. A couple becomes engaged to be married. A couple finalizes a divorce. People are hired for a new job. People are fired. People are laid-off. People are retired entering their senior citizen years. There are accidents on the freeways. There are people who need emergency medical attention. Birthdays are celebrated. Achievements are recognized. The bottom line is the world didn't end today. Pessimistically speaking, the world may end tomorrow. It's ironic nobody wants a future the world may end tomorrow.

Side note: Life can be described as baseball pitchers. Life can throw a fastball. Life can throw a curveball. Life can throw a slider. Life can throw a changeup. Life can throw a split-finger fastball. Life can throw a screwball.


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