Thursday, May 31, 2018

Update On Past Blogs Thur May 31, 2018

Here are some updates on my past blogs.

I drove on Interstate 680 in the Northern California's Bay Area afternoon on Sun May 20. I saw high density homes built along the freeway. The homes reminded me I wrote My Thoughts On Urban Growth Driving On Interstate 880 in Feb 2016. There is no stop to urban growth in the Bay Area. More homes are built for which there's not enough to meet the demand. Maybe the lack of supply is good from the utilities' perspective. Do utilities have enough water, natural gas, and electricity for these new homes and growing population? Also, the Bay Area population is naturally creating crowds. More people live in smaller areas. Dense population growth. It's like people are finding a harder time for breathable fresh air space. Finally, I expect fewer people practicing consideration, kindness, and sincerely because of a "traffic jam" life.

There is another reason people watch YouTube videos. We watch our favorite movie scenes like the Home Drive-Thru Movies blog on Jan 2018. YouTube provides a convenience watching favorite scenes on the desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone instead of inserting a DVD in a player and turning on the television. More home drive-thru movie scenes include the Tom Cruse and Jack Nicholson courtroom in A Few Good Men, The Hunger Games opening minutes tribunal battle, and the operations room in Jurassic Park.


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