Sunday, January 19, 2020

Do Your Sets And Do Your Reps

Maybe we can take a lesson on sports, first responders, and weight lifting for everything in life. Drills, drills, and drills. Always learning. Always reviewing. Do your sets. Do your reps. Practice, repeat, practice, repeat, practice, and repeat. Learn by repetition. The process can be boring; regardless, the end result can be fun when there are discoveries. Make intelligent mistakes. Learn from the mistakes. The late Steve Jobs said, "The journey is the reward."

I believe most people stopped learning because the drills, always learning, always reviewing, sets & reps, practice, repeat, and repetition are boring. They are correct. Training. Learning. Retraining. Relearning. Repetition. They must be done to be successful. Practice discipline. Achievements are the endgame. Leveling-up are the goals. Successes are earned. The accolades follow. Fun is earned afterwards. The boring thought or the boring opinion may change afterwards.

One of my uncles who is a retired structural engineer said work is supposed to be boring. There is some truth. If the work is good, then work is fun. If the work is loved, then work is fun. If the work includes leveling-up, then work is fun. If the work includes discoveries, then work is fun. If the work has variety, then work is fun. Work can't be boring. Do your sets. Do your reps.

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