Thursday, January 02, 2020

Take The Advantage, Use The Advantage

There is no hesitation. Take the gift.

I dreamed last night my mom, brother, and I were in a hospital. My brother and I were adult ages. I was examined by a doctor for an illness. The doctor prescribed a chewable light blue and teal tablet the size of a quarter. Seven tablets taken one a day for one week. I forgot the name of the drug. It was four letters.

The doctor challenged me to a contest after he wrote the prescription on paper. The contest was go to the pharmacy and come back to the examination room in seven minutes. My dream didn't specify a winning prize. I accepted.

I traveled one minute fast to the pharmacy on the first floor. There was a long line to drop off prescriptions. The pharmacy technician told me all pharmacists know my doctor because he gives contests to his patients. I got my prescription in a bottle after a long wait.

I arrived past seven minutes back to the examination room. The doctor asked me why I didn't use the pharmacy on the same floor as the examination room? I said I choose to challenge myself and to play fair getting my prescription on the first floor like most patients use. I woke up from my dream.

Lesson learned. Take the advantage. Use the advantage. The challenge myself was stupid. Getting my prescription on the same floor was fair play.

Update On A Past Blog

I have an answer to a common question, "How long does a person wait? How long does a person believe?" from the blog Live Quitting Or Die Believing on Jan 14, 2017. Examples of how long include get a job, get sober, and graduate school. One answer is motivation, desire, and completion step-by-step. The goals remain active. If the results are shown, the checkboxes are checked, and accomplishments are achieved, then it's a matter of time success is reached. Live a busy life or live a dying life. People might as well do something living instead of do nothing dying. Time is a friend. Also, timing, luck, chance, and opportunity are in favor.

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