Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where’s The 2008 Year In Review?

My readers (and they’re a few out there—thank you for reading ^^^) may be asking, “Where’s the 2008 year in review?” The answer is there is no 2008 review.

As I’m growing up, I believe it’s a waste of time to say good year or bad year. Think about it. Every year is a good year no matter what happens. One year can be “good” such as getting a promotion, finding a new job, graduating school, finding new friends, making the sports team, or finishing a project. Or one year can be “bad” such as getting in a car accident, laid-off, dropping in revenues, breaking an arm, losing a loved one to death, or can’t attend a yearly event. The “good” is good—can you make the good great? The “bad” is bad—can you make the bad good?

If you make the bad good, if you learn from your mistakes, then a bad year is a good year. What you take out of the “bad” year makes or breaks a bad year to a good year and determines who you are as a person. For example, the naïve Raymond Mar said 2008 was a bad year; however, the growing up Raymond Mar says 2008 was a good year because I’m learning my mistakes and correcting them since Oct 2008.

No more year in reviews. I think back to past reviews and there was never a point to review past years. It was a waste of time thinking, “Oh, 2008 was a good year . . . or was it a bad year.” The present counts. The past is past. I can’t control the past. The yearly reviews must be done daily. If you accomplish a success or make a mistake, don’t wait to the end of the year to review and learn. Review and learn immediately. If you live your life one day at a time, we experience a share of good days and bad days. Take the good to great and the bad to good daily to avoid waiting at the end of the year to start those next year.

I'm growing up Finding Raymond Mar

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