Monday, February 15, 2010

I Am A Tiger

The 2010 Chinese Horoscope is the Year Of The Tiger. I vow I'm going to be a tiger. My goal is to learn more about myself, find new abilities, find hidden attributes, and become a better good guy.

Tigers are courageous, dynamic, attractive, alert, enthusiastic, and fight bravely. We are optimistic, social, and full of energy. I must improve those key attribute except being enthusiastic. I have the habit being too enthusiastic. I'm working on my attractiveness. And Tigers are lucky.

Tigers are volatile, impulsiveness, impatient, and disobedient. I have the volatility and impulsiveness. However, I'm patient. I need to be more disobedient.

Tigers hate bull sh** and I rarely bull sh**. I'm terrible at lying. When events and plans go wrong, we become depressed. That's something I have been dealing with. In January, I realized I must go with the flow. Tigers love challenges. I must seek more challenges. We are natural leaders. Throughout my life I never held a leadership or management position. No more holding back. If we are ordinary workers or being in a rank and file position, we get stubborn.

2010 is the year I'm going to be a tiger.

I Continue To Find Myself Finding Raymond Mar

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