Thursday, February 25, 2010

The State Of My Life

My life in 2010 has been going well. Recently, my life has not been going well. Since Mon Feb 15, I feel bored. I feel my life is repetitive. I feel my life is the usual. School is not the problem. I'm satisfied with school even though I'm behind. It's my life outside school that's messed up.

The past two weeks my life is out of whack. I was sick with allergies. I cut my singing class last week. I went to the gym once a week for the last three weeks. I feel everyday is the same. I want to take a break and find something different. I think and do something else and then get back to my normal routine and schedule.

The next four days I'm going to do different activities including activities I never did in a long time. My suggested activities include watching DVDs, playing TF2, practicing social dance between homework and studying, researching San Jose State transfer, and preparing my taxes. I need to do laundry. I skip gym because I want to recover from my sickness and allergies. My allergies are improving. I watch anime when I eat breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. I want to finish my car maintenance. I completed tire rotation, tire balance, alignment check, and coolant flush. I need transmission fluid flush and oil change I complete in the next four days.

There are millions of people who are in a similar situation. There are students in De Anza in a similar situation. We continue to live one day at a time. We're human. It's one step forward, two steps back. I'm getting stuff done. These negative feelings are temporary. I experienced boredom and dullness in the past. I pull through in time.

I Continue To Find Myself Finding Raymond Mar

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