Friday, May 18, 2012

Chapter N: Playtime Is Over

(N stands for number or N = Number.)

Most of us experience a moment when a new chapter begins in our lives. We shake our heads and blink our eyes for a moment to realize that chapter starts now as if an “oh my gosh, what did I just saw” moment. We start to see with our minds instead of our eyes. Our hands feel responsibility. We start to communicate with intelligence. And we walk with our back straight and head held high. These are signs of confidence and maturity. It’s time to grow up.

The days of being lazy, being bored, and acting like a baby are gone. The days of having too much fun, being reckless, and goofing off are done. Naivety and being an idiot are unacceptable. The teenage and college life are no longer your lifestyle. The time is devoted to adult responsibilities, adult priorities, and adult choices. Life revolves around the world, not you. You must earn it if you want the world to revolve around you. Earn it.

My Chapter N is approaching soon. New choices and new priorities are coming to my life. I spend more time on work to complete my responsibilities and to continue learning new job skills. My new priorities are taking care of myself when I move out. The days of playing video games, wearing costumes to Japanese animation conventions, and watching cartoons are over. The days of working smarter, meeting new people and creating new relationships, and experiencing new experiences begin. I want to visit new places.

I expect my daily lifestyle to change. I wear new clothes, cook new foods, read new types of books, and follow new gym workout plans. I always innovate my life physically, intelligently, emotionally, and financially. There is always a better way living my life.

Out with the old and in with the new. Playtime is over. It’s time to grow up and be a mature adult. Never take life too serious. It’s okay to have fun—just not ridiculous fun. Live life being mature, responsible, and let your actions show who you are. Be confident and be brave to make mistakes.

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