Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The Three C's: Choices, Consistency, Control

Imagine a triangle with each word on each side: choices, consistency, and control. I believe the three C words are the keys to success in anything from education, business, sports, and arts. I adapt the three Cs when I start working again. My daily life includes the three Cs. They show my maturity and my growing wisdom. Life has been better. I elaborate on the three Cs:

Choices. I attended an all day educational teachers seminar in college. My first career choice was being a high school mathematics teacher. The professor told all the undergraduates and student teachers a person is an adult when he or she can make their own choices.

I want to add an adult is wise and mature when they make good choices. People must avoid making bad choices to ruin their lives. I don't need to give examples of bad choices because they're obvious. The better choices we make, the better we take care of our body, mind, and spirit. The family and friends in our lives are happy we're making good choices, and that is a quality to meet new people.

Consistency. We produce, succeed, and accomplish a reasonable number of assignments, projects, and goals in a certain period of time. We avoid erratic spikes and falls. There is no such thing as being too hot and being too cold. Consistency is not living a routine life. We experience slumps, short-comings, delays, and mistakes. Nobody is perfect. The key is recovering or bouncing back from these quickly to refocus and get back to your optimal performance.

Control. Think about the most successful people. One attribute they have is control. They control their results, their successes, their actions, their subordinates, their decisions, and their thinking. It's like nobody controls them; they're in complete control. The more aspects we can control in our lives, the better we guide the outcomes to our favor, our advantage, and our desired result. A person having more control of their life is like a child moving out of their parent's house. The child controls when he or she wakes up, the food eaten, the friends they invite to their house, the clothes worn, and when he or she goes to sleep.

Follow the three C's. Practice and adapt the three C's. I promise life is better making your own choices, being consistency at everything you do, and controlling as many circumstances.

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