Thursday, April 04, 2013

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

The picture above me was taken in 2003. I looked terrible. My physical appearance, my clothes, and my smile were wrong; however, they portrayed who I was accurately. I promise myself I never be that Raymond Mar above. I explain in detail below:

*Hair. I was lazy taking care of my hair. I never used conditioner. My parents never used conditioner when I was a child. I wondered throughout my childhood and high school how my classmates kept their hair in control in additional to hair spray.

In Aug 2004, I choose to have a buzz cut. I look younger. I save time taking care of my hair since I don't need to comb it. I get a haircut once a month.

*Face. I continued to have acne in my adulthood. I could get three or more pimples at one time. I hate it. I looked ugly. The blackheads and whiteheads were worse.

In Feb 2009, I requested my dermatologist to prescribe Accutane. I applied multiple topical creams, to my dissatisfaction, from 2005. My face looks much better today after 14 months of treatment. An occasional acne appears on my face. I have to apply another topical cream to keep the blackheads and whiteheads in control.

*Smile. I like to smile. I never realized my smile was bad looking. My lower lip hung down and my teeth were crooked and jammed together.

In Jan 2007, my orthodontist installed braces on my teeth. My treatment lasted 31 months. My smile is my best looking smile ever. I have less worry about future dental problems. Cleaning and maintenance are easier with aligned teeth with plenty of space in between.

*Clothing. I just put on a white t-shirt. Too cheap and too lazy. I wore hiking shoes and long socks for social outings. Bad choices. The shorts were okay.

In Oct 2008, I made changes to my wardrobe. I purchased new shirts, new slacks, new jeans, new shorts, new socks, new shoes, and new jackets. The shirts included buttons and collars. No more plain white t-shirts and polo shirts. I looked terrible in polo shirts. The slacks and jeans were new to replace the worn outs. The shorts were longer in length, relax fit, and flat instead of pleated. Socks were short length. The shoes were worn at appropriate outings: casual shoes for socializing, hiking shoes for hiking, and cross trainers for workout out at the gym. And I purchased multiple jackets all in-style appropriate for the weather conditions and the outings. My old jacket I worn too many times looked outdated.

*Watch. I wore a black band digital watch since high school for most of my life. On the one hand, it was practical with timer, countdown, alarm, and date. On the other hand, nobody wears a digital watch to a fancy restaurant or an interview with a suit.

In Dec 2008, I purchased my first fine watch to show my elegance and my fashion sense.

These improvements show the real Raymond Mar. I'm a person who cares about my appearances. I stay in physical shape and prevent obesity working out at the gym. I want people to see me as a person who's approachable, friendly, sociable, intelligent, and a good guy. My appearance from the photo above fails to portray who I am. I don't want people seeing me as lazy, retarded, an embarrassment, and a loner with no life.

Appearances are important. We dress, communicate, think, act, and behave who we are. Your inside is just as important as your outside, and vice versa. Make an honest effort you appearance portrays who you really are. If you don't like your inside and/or outside, then make changes. I was successful. I continue to make changes to get better, stronger, and wiser.

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