Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Top Ten Life Ironies

Well life has a funny way of sneaking up on you
When you think everything's okay and everything's going right
And life has a funny way of helping you out when
You think everything's gone wrong and everything blows up
In your face --"Ironic" by Alanis Morissette

I remember listening to an Alanis Morissette song going home from college. I purchased her Jagged Little Pill CD the next day. One of my college friends described life as being ironic. He had a point. Life can be and is ironic. Everyone experience irony for better or for worse and for good or for bad. There are opposite moments beyond our control that just happens. It's life.

My current job is a good example. My company is in the wine, beer, and sake business. I never drank any alcoholic beverage in my entire life before being hired. How ironic. I drank my first wine on my second day of work. Here are my top ten ironies:

10. Less than ten ironies. I need to live more life. I thought of nine ironic moments in my life to make the top ten.

9. Curry food. I like to eat Japanese curry. I don't like to eat Indian curry.

8. I can't float. I took swimming classes when I was a kid. I could swim. I couldn't float because my body has a buoyancy flaw. 10% of human beings can't float.

7. One or two events made or broke a calendar year. 2004 was a good year except for Fanime Con and Anime Expo anime conventions. I had a bad time at those conventions. 2007 was a bad year except for getting a job at Cisco and purchasing my first car.

6. Thank you (insert blank) for an A at the following college classes. I never thought what I knew before taking the class significantly helped me get an A. I took piano lessons when I was a child that helped me earned an A in Music 10B. My Math 30 Calculus helped me get an A in Economics 103 Mathematical Methods for Economics. My work experience with Excel and Accounting 86 helped me earned a B in the midterm for Accounting 88. Most of the students failed the midterm.

5. Back to work at Blockbuster Video. I quit my part time job at Blockbuster at the beginning of the Fall Semester 1996. I needed money. I went back to Blockbuster in Nov. I worked for one entire year before quitting permanently in Nov 2007.

4. Cold person guy. I have great tolerance for cold weather and cold temperatures. Natural outdoor air blowing inside is okay. I can't stay under an indoor draft from an air conditioning system. I get sick.

3. Retiring from my favorite hobbies. My favorite hobbies are supposed to make me happy. I realized I'm happier after retiring from most of my favorite hobbies. They included baseball cards, role playing games, anime, and video games.

2. Fiction books and non-fiction books. I read non-fiction books to improve my life. The books included self-help and leadership. Reading fiction books was once in a blue moon. I started reading fiction books regularly in Oct 2008. I have learned more about life reading fiction books than non-fiction. I read about 75% fiction and 25% non-fiction.

1. The classic music. I hated anything music classics for a long time. I slowly became interested in the classics starting with classical music in 1998, classic rock in 2004, and classic jazz in 2008.

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