Monday, December 02, 2013

Work Dec 2, 2013

I have two concerns outside work. The first is lack of exercise. I have been going to the gym fewer days since I started working. I'm still adjusting to working full time. I fear I lose my physical fitness. My health has been improving for the past two months.

My second concern is lack of eating healthy. I bring healthy and complete lunch meals from home. I fear there is less time and effort to continue preparing healthy lunches and dinners at home. I have less free time to proactively grocery shop.

I forgot to mention I experienced my first accident during my commute on Fri Nov 22. I was 15 minutes late. I started listening to the news radio and checking Google Maps to view the traffic map. I have backup routes to avoid traffic jams.

I started to create templates to update the products on the company's webpage. I continue learning pricing inventory and entering new products into the database. Researching new products for information takes time. I even signed off on a receiving shipment. And I started to update the webpage for our new store.

I have a better understanding of the database each day helping me become more efficient and processing inventory faster. My work habits and strengths from my past jobs are coming back to me. I'm looking forward to be a better worker than my past jobs.

I started to know some of my co-workers. One worker works one day a week and comes to the store one day a month. She worked between March 2012 and August 2013. She found a full time job as an administrative assistant at a restaurant start-up. She came back on Oct 2013 for her Mon work schedule because her full time job is Tue to Sat. Another worker worked for 1.5 years. He told me the company has been on a hiring frenzy because of the new store opening up. He has seen waves of people being hired and people quitting. It's typical retail.

The other workers I know have been on the job from a few days to two months. One person who works the front and back of the store used to be in the restaurant business. He was tired coming home at 2am in the mornings. No more restaurants he said. Another worker with similar job responsibilities as me has an education background similar to our business. And I met a part-time worker married with two kids.

I had to work in the tasting room on my first Mon workday Nov 25. There was no room in the back end of the store. It was terrible because I had a TV size table tray as my work area. Work productivity was slow and inefficient because I had little room to move my mouse. The distractions and noise from the customers were not a problem.

There was a moment the owner gave an assignment later in the day. I was nervous and I sweated. She talked fast I didn't have time writing her instructions down. I must write because I have poor short-term memory. It was like I was her personal secretary.

Thanksgiving was on Thur Nov 28. The store closed. I worked Sat Nov 30 to make up for Thanksgiving Day. I didn't complain. I'm professional. I work in the retail business. I work five days a week.

Inventory must be moved around because of customers wanting products not in the front, fulfilling online orders, and completing phone orders. The workers who get products from the back commonly say "the inventory we need is always on the bottom of the pile".

I brought a mouse from home, hand lotion, and my USB cable to charge my smart phone to improve my working environment. I also listen to music from my smart phone.

I have a better understanding exhausted parents coming home from work. Parenting is tough. Parenting is another job. I have a better understanding their children wants immediate attention from their working parents. It's hard because they must act and put on a smile to keep their children happy. I have a better understanding working dads and moms need time to settle in and let off steam coming home to become parents. We're humans.

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