Saturday, December 21, 2013

Work Dec 21, 2013

Everyone started late on Mon Dec 9. I drove a new route to work avoiding bottleneck traffic on the second highway, fewer signal lights, and more city driving. I was informed a co-worker found a full time job back where she grew up. She was at the company for two weeks.

The commute is different every day. Something different happens such as accidents. An accident on a freeway changes my commute time because other drivers took alternate routes. Signal lights are another example because a string of green lights or red lights makes a difference. The minutes waiting for a red light or the minutes save driving pass an intersection on a green light adds up.

I had a mild stomach ache on Wed Dec 11. I felt better after the morning. I learned from another worker the office was supposed to be an office for the owner with no inventory. There is too much inventory today. The entire day was stressful. The back-end employees felt the stress from the front-end employees.

I worked at the front end for the first time on Thur Dec 12. I answered calls. I need more training learning the POS system and handling various situations from the customers. I was really tired last night. I experienced fatigue. Sometimes the best way to learn is intentionally make mistakes because my manager sometimes teaches me confusingly. I talked to the other manager for five minutes at the break room. We talked about Starbucks, food, stress, and board games.

I worked on Sat Dec 14 because we were shorthanded. I updated prices and audited inventory for the new store opening on Mon Dec 23.

The best commute happened on Mon Dec 16. No traffic accidents throughout the South Bay. I realized I make every effort to avoid fatigue on Thur Dec 12 to the best of my ability going forward. If I have to buy dinner, I buy it. If I need extra sleep, I go to bed early. No more B.S. frustrations. Be proactive to stay focused and stay energized.

The fatigue continued on Tue Dec 17. I had a headache and neck pains. The holiday rush and holiday stress made them worse. The rest of the week was rest, rest, and more rest. I recovered from my headache on Wed Dec 18. The neck pain disappeared on Thur Dec 19.

There was a meeting for all employees who are employed at the second store on Wed Dec 18. I'm employed at the second store even though I work at the first store. I wasted 1.5 hours on a conference call phone. There was nothing worth noting. I felt stiff. I experienced lack of physical activity. I plan to go back to the gym starting Sat Dec 21. I continued resting.

Thur Dec 19 was a calm day except for the last 1.5 hours of my shift. My manager was behind in shipping. I helped him by packing products inside boxes and applying the labels on top of the boxes. My manager said corporate or business purchasing our products tripled in 2013 compared to 2012.

Fri Dec 20 was my one month anniversary. I thought I could drive more freeway and less city because it was a Friday before Christmas. I checked the traffic report before leaving the house. No accidents. I was wrong. There was a backup on the onramp to my second freeway. I said to myself, "What the heck is going on?" The traffic report said an accident just happened. Thank goodness I avoided the onramp. I never drive on the rightmost lane to enter the onramp ever again.

The entire morning I priced products. My manager gave me a new wireless mouse. I was almost caught up at the end of the day. There's next week.

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