Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Work Tue Jun 10, 2014

I started my work week with upgrades on Tue May 27. I wore new hiking shoes. Nobody cares the shoes I wear. I brought water in a 64oz canister instead of bringing two 24oz canisters. And I purchased a knife to open boxes when I need a bottle to add new wines. One of my co-workers injured his hand; fortunately, it was minor. His dog accidentally bit his hand.

A person asked for directions before I drove off my driveway on Wed May 28. Unfortunately, I told him directions as if he was driving. There was a better way for which I failed to realize he was walking to his destination. One of my co-workers arrived late because of car problems.

There was a sigh of relief on Thur May 29. I was responsible for transferring wines from the first store to the second store for a tasting. The request was submitted on Tue May 27. Everyone worked on the request on Thur. There was a problem finding the wines in the back of the store. Fortunately, all of the wines were located with additional help. The store was busy sometimes and dead sometimes. Turnout for today's wine tasting was small such that the wine rep went home early.

The second store was dead on Fri May 30. The tasting turnout was low. The tasting moved from the tasting room to the patio.

I stopped at a signal light only once on my way to work on Sat May 31. My high work productivity never happened because the manager made me babysit a new hire for which he's not hired to enter data and research wine. He was bored the entire time I trained him. I don't blame the new hire for my lower Sat work productivity. I was mad at my manager.

It took 5.5 months working in the company to identify an employee I dislike. Other co-workers have similar feelings. She complains and yells backs. Ironically, I complained and yelled back when I was a young worker. I can't dislike her entirely.

My manager and I had a serious discussion on Tue Jun 3. The discussion was why I don't need to work on Sat's. Everything I can do on Sat I can do on Mon. I said my reasons. He said his reasons. My manager was defensive the entire discussion. Interesting. Some of his reasoning didn't make sense. Was he hiding something? There must be something going on I didn't know.

The owner wanted to plan the tastings two weeks in advanced. We still had problems on Wed Jun 4. My manager is going to work at the second store soon. He's training the new worker I trained on Sat May 31 and another shipping & receiving worker to ship packages.

My coughed acted up again on Fri Jun 6. I have been recovering from my throat infection for a month. I was lucky my coughing didn't interfere with my work. It was an easy day because the first store researched and priced for me. I didn't know why the first store took almost all of my responsibilities. The tasting turnout was good. The store was noisy. I clocked out early to taste some wines. It was a four day work week. I went back to my Mon to Fri work schedule starting next week.

A co-worker created two magnum displays in the tasting room. The co-owner said he created it wrong. The co-owner wanted the display another way. He showed him and he actually did part of the redisplaying.

I was blamed for a mistake that wasn't my fault. It showed any company there's one person who doesn't want to admit his or her mistake. My manager blamed me for incorrect purchase orders entries on Mon Jun 9. I created two purchase orders for two deliveries. The invoice came back as one delivery. Someone else entered the one delivery twice. I didn't start an argument because I didn't have evidence to prove myself. The error was personally a small deal.

Major drama happened on Tue Jun 10. The second store manager's last day was today. I received information he was fired because of poor performance and a poor review. I felt the firing was unfair. One reason is the second store lacked another manager. He was overworked. Also, one worker called in sick for each store. My manager worked at the second store today. The part-time data entry worked today. She made changes to Sat's tastings for both stores. There's additional work for the week's tastings. And one of the shipping and receiving workers did today's shipping packages.

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