Sunday, June 08, 2014

How I Buy DVDs

Everyone must have a DVD library. The library can be big or small. The DVD library includes movies, TV series, cartoons, and documentaries. The library can be a cheap entertainment, leisure activity, and relaxing moment. Everyone must have a favorite DVD collection to cheer up from a bad day.

There are three ways I buy DVDs. First, I rarely buy DVDs on the week of new release. Almost all prices are lowered months or years after the new release date. I can wait. Patience pays off. There are exceptions such as BD and DVD combo, Disney, and needing the DVD for an activity. Another exception is a judgment choice. If I feel the new release is a limited availability, then I buy during the week of new release.

I take advantage of Black Fridays. I have purchase many DVDs on Black Friday since 2010. I take advantage of $3.99 movies and $10 TV box sets. For instance, I purchased The Simpsons Season 10 and Breaking Bad Seasons 3-5 for $10 each on Black Friday 2013. Take advantage of retail loss leaders during the start of the holiday shopping season.

Second, I wait for $5 DVD sales or even $3 DVD sales. I look at the Sunday newspaper advertisements. These sales require patience. Most advertisements don't have cheap DVD prices.

Third, I ask myself, "Am I going to watch it many times?" If the answer is yes, then I purchase the DVD. Some of the movies I watch many times are Aliens, The Transporter trilogy, Hot Fuzz, Saving Private Ryan, The Graduate, The Hunger Games, The Dark Knight, Grease, and Blue Thunder.


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