Saturday, March 07, 2015

Work Sat Mar 7, 2015

Fri Feb 20: I walked to the cafeteria to toast my bread for breakfast. There were no toasters in the coffee room. I picked up a packet of strawberry jelly.

My engineer told me the company's distribution warehouse system. It was like Amazon's distribution system. If a customer needs a replacement, the nearest warehouse ships the firewall to the customer's location. The warehouses include defective and refurbished firewalls. It's illegal to resell a returned product as new. Customers are given refurbished firewalls to replace their defective firewalls. There were situations customers shipped the wrong defective firewall back to the company.

Mon Feb 23: I arrived at 9:45am because I shipped packages at the post office. I could have arrived at 9:15am if I brought my breakfast to work. I went with the flow. Ate breakfast at home, be calm, took it one at a time, and avoided unnecessary stress.

I started listening to Car Talk Click 'n Clack to expand my podcasts. The podcasts are reruns because one of the two brothers past away.

My engineer informed me May 3 is my last day. My contract was extended an additional two months instead of four months.

Tue Feb 24: I arrived to work at 9:20am after dropping off the last packages at the post office. I ate breakfast at home. I didn't pack lunch. I didn't brush my teeth.

I experienced an allergy attack. I sneezed and blew my nose consistently; however, they stopped when I wore my jacket. My body felt hot. I took off my jacket. The sneezing and runny nose continued. My body failed to adapt to the unseasonably warm days. In addition, the gardener mowed the lawn walking to the front door. It was bad timing to experience additional pollen. I drank a can of coke, ate Chex Mix snack craving salt, and walked outside my floor's patio wearing my jacket helped calm my body temporarily.

Windows 7 updates downloaded and installed on my laptop during my lunch hour. I saw one-on-one quarterly reviews in the cafeteria eating a Togo's sandwich.

The photo booth setup on my building's first floor center walkway was disassembled.

Wed Feb 25: There was an accident after the freeway overpass on the right shoulder at 8:55am. CHP was on scene. I drove on the carpool lane as a solo driver because I couldn't merge to the center lane. The center lane was jammed with cars not moving. I arrived at work 10 minutes earlier because I drove on the carpool lane.

I went home at 1:20pm. My engineer approved my request to leave work early to rest and to recover from my allergies. I took a four hour nap.

Thur Feb 26: There was a two car accident on the center lane when I entered the expressway. The accident blocked the lane allowing me to change lanes from the right lane carpool to the center lane. The changed was fortunate because a CHP officer hiding near the freeway overpass pulled over two single occupancy cars violating the carpool lane at 8:55am. I was lucky I didn't get pulled over yesterday. Carpool lane hours are 6am-9am.

My engineer moved to a new cubicle. It appeared the department is grouping the engineers closer together. We also discussed more RMA process for 25 minutes which included more clarifications and how the vendors provided the information.

Feb Feb 27: The temp risk administrator supporting the risk manager and I discussed jobs, our contract status, and company history. She worked with the company since 2012. There was a period she worked at another company. She worked at the company when there were located at the old building. She saw the company's continued rapid growth. We took advantage of the quiet floor because there was a division meeting. Contractors were not invited. She shared an observation our department is a sit-at-your-cube work environment. She worked at other departments the work environment was having fun, lay back, take your time, and move around.

Mon Mar 2: I saw a contract worker experiencing problems accessing the building. It reminded me when I worked at Cisco. The first day of Fiscal Oct 2008 my badge stopped working. My manager forgot to renew my contract.

The risk manager's Systems Analyst new hire started today. His primary responsibility is automating the supply side updating process. He sits across from my cubicle.

My contractor company emailed a link to take the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) online training provided by SkillBuilder and Skillsoft. We were given two weeks to complete the two hour course. We must pass the exam with a minimum 70% score.

I completed the course today eating a bag of Fritos to stay awake. The course was boring. I scored 95%.

Tue Mar 3: My engineer's Quality Manager hire started today.

There was a presentation all full time workers in both buildings attended. Contractors were not invited.

I started listening to Freaknomics podcasts. I made the choice after the first podcast I listen to Freaknomics driving home. There are four podcasts I listen which are Sex With Emily, Awesome Etiquette, Car Talk, and Freaknomics.

I found out why there was a photo booth setup on my building's first floor center walkway. The reason was the company wanted employees to update their pictures on their badges. The photo booth I saw weeks ago was probably a mock set up.

I finished reading Couples by John Updike during my lunch hours.

Wed Mar 4: I ate breakfast at work consisting of Pop Tarts and an orange. I ate lunch with a friend who was being laid off from Intel. She explained who was being laid off, the politics, and her current job searching. She is getting calls from other companies.

I listened to the last two innings of the San Francisco Giants spring training baseball game online at KNBR.

Thur Mar 5: My engineer wanted me to double check one of the vendor's RMA Excel file. We found one RMA not entered in the SAP database.

I started reading The Pearl By John Steinbeck for lunch.

Fri Mar 6: The network downloaded Firefox to all the laptops. It was installed when I logged on. I waited ten minutes for the installation. I continued yesterday's assignment.

I found out the director of the department told the engineers to wear Hawaiian shirts on Fridays.

There was a TGIF happy hour party at the cafeteria and patio to celebrate another successful quarter. The CEO made a speech. There was live music.

I was in a conversation with the temp risk administrator and a component engineer for the last 20 minutes of the day. We talked about components, the component database, and procedures updating component data.

I have worked out at the company's gym for many days in a work week.


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