Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Half Ass Is Better Than Nothing

Have you ever done something half ass? It could be an assignment, an errand, a task, a responsibility, or a project. Exclude school and college. The work was accomplished. The recipient said good job. However, knowingly in your heart the work was completed half ass.

In addition, you said to yourself, "I put little effort". Your 50% or less effort attitude was at the start of the work process. The attitude wasn't the midpoint of the work process. The attitude wasn't the end of the work process. You were lazy. Maybe you were tired. The work wasn't worth your 100% effort.

I don't have the data to prove it. I believe the workmanship in the USA continues going down. The half ass workmanship similarly applies to education, taking care of our bodies, and all relationships. Lower standards are accepted.

I believe fatigue is the reason we accept lower standards. Everyone is tired. The world is getting less sleep. The world forgot how to turn off before bedtime. The information age is stimulating too much. We hear people, companies, and advertisements stating we strive for higher standards. I want to believe it. I don't see the higher standards most of the time. There are success stories we don't hear. There are failure stories we do hear.

Second Language Requirement In Junior High

Some foreign countries require schools to teach students to be fluent in a second language. Spanish was offered to some students in my junior high school. Studies shown it's easier to learn a second language at a young age. Let's make knowing a second language a junior high school graduation requirement. The requirement is an example of raising standards.


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