Monday, March 21, 2016

My Miracle Is In Progress

I believe in miracles after I write today's blog. I could've been a loser. I could've been socially awkward. I could've been a stereotypical anime fan watching Japanese anime, playing video games, collecting female figurines, playing card games, and reading comic books. I could've not cared about my life. I could've taken life for granted. Keep quiet. Stay away from conflict. Lay low. I let life pass by.

I could've been a loser started in my childhood. I had learning difficulties. My concentration was poor. I daydreamed too much losing focus when the teacher taught lessons. I was a slow reader with poor comprehension. I read a paragraph. My brain didn't process the content. Further, there was little parent involvement. My parents were overprotective shielding me from life's bad times. My parents avoided serious discussions. My parents ignored my problems hoping they disappear. My childhood was too much fun. I watched too much television. Ironically, my too much fun involved a small amount of friends. One of the reasons most people avoided me was my weirdness. The bottom line was my childhood development was slow. It wasn't my fault to be honest.

Catching up what I missed in my childhood and my 20s started on Sat Oct 4, 2008. It was time to grow up. It was time to correct my mistakes. It was time for forgiveness. It was time to take charge. I became responsible for myself. The changes were immediate. I started reading fiction books for which I learned more about life compared to nonfiction books such as self-help. I visited my friend in Washington for our Washington Canada 2008 vacation which was a perfect timing distraction. I built my own PC. I purchased new clothes and a new mattress. I improved my workouts at the gym. I took advantage of the Great Recession going back to college to experience the college life I missed the first time. I made new friends. I found new hobbies such as Mahjong, hiking, and ballroom dancing. My life philosophy is, "Get up a do something, anything." Seek new adventures. Experience new experiences.

I'm working intelligently hard to be independent. I feel the miracle is completed soon. I'm going to be a professional mature adult. I'm learning new job skills such as VBA, Python, and Oracle. I'm reviewing existing job skills such as Excel, SQL, and PowerPoint. I workout at the gym four or five days a week. I pace myself. My five senses are aware for anything new. I'm open to try anything new.

It's All In The Brain

I believe when I was young my brain lacked growth. There was little stimulation at home which explained another reason I had learning problems. I'm fortunate. I'm lucky. My brain is growing to continue catching up what I missed. My working intelligently hard is growing my brain. I'm getting stronger. I'm staying physically fit. I'm watching my finances ready to spend when I reach independence. I'm a calm person. I sleep eight hours a night. Use the brain or lose the brain.

A coward statement is the following: our body from top to bottom, inside and outside is what our body is. We can't change our body. Everything is in the genes. I call bull-crap. We can change our bodies. We can change our attitudes. We can change our life paths.

I could've been a below average intelligent person working in retail. I could've been living in my parent's house in my 40s and 50s. Easily doable. Not going to happen. My rewards are earned soon. Be patient. The miracle is completed soon.


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