Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Work On Good Moments Happen To Good People

There is a saying good things happen to good people or good moments happen to good people. Good people never take for granted good things or good moments. Good people work hard intelligently to earn their successes.

I'm responsible for my life. I'm responsible to keep in good physical condition. I'm responsible to learn new skills. I'm responsible to be calm. I'm responsible to keep my finances in order. I'm responsible to rest.

Specifically speaking, I job search six days a week. A retired banker hired me to assist him on his consulting business being an independent contractor. I'm reviewing my job skills including Excel, Access, SQL, SalesForce, and PowerPoint. I'm learning new skills such as Oracle, Tableau, and VBA. I workout at the gym four days a week. I sleep eight hours a night. I watch my spending avoiding the urge to splurge. Hoarding or unnecessary spending is prohibited.

I want to live independently. I want to meet new people. I want to create new circle of friends. I want to acquire new knowledge. I want my life to move forward again. I continue seeking new adventures. I continue experiencing new experiences. I hope a company hires me. I'm correcting my past mistakes. I expect to make more mistakes. I expect to learn from my mistakes faster. Stay strong. Be courageous. I have nothing to lose.

I have a better understanding the more work I put in myself, the more chances I earn good moments. I reap what I sow. I hope to reach a point to attract good moments. Good fortunes, good timing, and good luck come to me. I have the feeling they're coming to me soon. The rewards are coming soon. The journey is the reward in the meantime.


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