Saturday, March 12, 2016

Top Ten My Life Mulligans

It's normal to think about our past mistakes. We think about our past mistakes to learn from them. We think about our past mistakes to avoid repeating them. What if we can turn back time to correct the mistakes? Life mulligans. Thinking about life mulligans is one way to learn from our mistakes.

I wished I made more mistakes when I was young. I should have been more foolish. We grow stronger, smarter, and wiser making mistakes. I continue making more than my fair share of mistakes at my age because I'm catching up what I failed to make mistakes in my youth.

One reason why I made too few mistakes was stubbornness. I felt I was on top of the world knowing everything. I ignored people correcting my errors. I believed I knew everything. Another reason was I took life for granted. Nothing bad happened to me which really happened. I snuck in between the cracks no bad moments. And a third reason was I grew up too late. I realized I must grow up on Sat Oct 4, 2008. I became a mature adult. I became more responsible. I must earn my successes. There are much more life experiences I'm catching up.

Here are the top ten mulligans:

10. Better Gym Workouts. The mistake was corrected immediately after Sat Oct 4, 2008. I wished I knew the website earlier. The website contained great information from the beginners to the experienced. My workouts before the date were ineffective.

9. 2007. 2007 should have been a good year. I started working at Cisco in Mar 2007. It should have been a wakeup call to be professional. I was never professional. Another mistake was attending Anime Expo 2007 for which I shouldn't. The signs of a disaster convention weeks before the event were clear. I didn't learn new job skills during my downtime at Cisco. I didn't take advantage of working out at the Cisco gym to avoid driving during the afternoon commute. I read business and self-help books which were a waste of time.

2007 was the year I took for granted because I said to myself anything that happened after March 2007 was irrelevant because 2007 was a good year regardless. 2007 was the worse year in my entire life.

8. Dropping Out Classes At De Anza College. I should have dropped two classes. The first class was Cost Accounting. The class was overfilled. The textbook was awful. The instructor was terrible. I believe some people agree my reasons to drop out were justified.

The second class was Beginning Singing. It was a leisure class which didn't matter in my transcript. I drove at night for one class. The class didn't meet my expectations. Waste of time.

The additional free time not taking the two classes could have been spent on my other classes, learning new job skills, more sleep, more time in the gym, and/or spending time with friends.

7. Dot Com Boom. I failed to sell my stock investments when the NASDAQ reached 5,000. My stock portfolio doubled at the moment. I should have sold my stocks, take my profits, and ran away.

6. The Cisco Interview In July 2014. I was interviewed for a contract job which strengthen my resume if I was hired. I failed the Excel test. I was disappointed. I was embarrassed.

I passed Excel tests I was administered in interviews after July 2014.

5. Accountemps Online Classes. I enrolled in online classes to refresh my Access and Excel skills. I also enrolled in Business Analyst classes. All were a waste of time. I put some blame on the Accountemps classes for failing the Cisco Interview in July 2014.

The best way to refresh my Access and Excel skills was watching YouTube videos. I should have watched YouTube videos instead of Accountemps Online Classes.

4. Learn The Little Stuff. I avoided learning the little stuff because they were irrelevant for my success. I avoided trivia because it was trivia. Trivia could be common knowledge and could be an ice breaker in social situations. I wished I learned cooking earlier in my life. I wished I learned first aid. I wish I learned basic electronics. Everything is in my bucket list. Learning the little stuff indefinitely is an example of experiencing new experiences. Never stop learning. Never stop innovating.

3. Read Fiction Books. Another immediate change when I grew up on Sat Oct 4, 2008. I started to read fiction books. I used to read nonfiction books only when I started reading regularly in 2002. I wished I included read fiction books. I learned more about life reading fiction books than nonfiction books such as self-help.

2. Part Time Job As A College Student. I should have found part time work when I attended San Jose State University in my freshmen year. It took me 3.5 years to find a part-time job. I discovered I needed a job in my resume in additional to tutoring math students.

1. Majored In Accounting. I started my college life as a math major to teach high school math. I wanted to change majors. Accounting, economics, and geology were my choices. I choose economics. I should have changed my major to accounting and doubled minor economics and mathematics. The Economics department gave us Economics majors false information we can find a job anywhere. There's always demand for accounting, finance, and marketing majors in the business sector.


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