Monday, April 10, 2017

Lucky To Be Alive

Everyone reading today's blog should be lucky to be alive. Today is another day. Take a deep breath. Smile. Hope for the best. Work to be the best. Earn your successes. Get up and do something, anything are signs of being lucky. Boredom kills life motivation. Desire or motivation is more important than knowledge or high intelligence.

I job search two times each weekday. I learn new job skills. I review my existing job skills. I read books. I workout at the gym. I cook healthy meals. I minimize eating out. I spend wisely. I'm not depressed. Life is getting better. My life can't get worse. I'm fortunate I'm in good health. I'm fortunate I'm not a slow person. I'm fortunate I have shelter. I'm fortunate I have a car. I'm fortunate I realized I must grow up in my 30s instead of my 50s. I'm happy. Happier moments are coming soon.


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