Saturday, April 01, 2017

The Best

Humans want to be the best. We want a good life. We want to be successful. Humans every day have a feeling something good happens. I have a date with the person I like. I won the sweepstakes. The company I interviewed sends me a job offer. He said yes. She said yes. I got accepted. We won the contract. The analysis supported our facts. It came true. The best is yet to come.

Why do we feel the best comes soon? My answer is obvious: everyone wants the best. We do anything hoping, praying, wishing, working, and believing for the best. How do we achieve the best? My answer is everything from small to large and from logical to stupidity. Good luck charms. Rituals. Perfect practice. Drills. Routines. Working intelligently. We need a little luck and fortunate timing. We do everything for the best.

I don't sit on a sofa watching television eight hours a day. I stay active. I'm learning Python and CSS currently. I workout at the gym four to five days a week. I keep the house clean. I cook meals. I rarely eat out. I read books. I job search weekdays two times a day. I seek new adventures. I experience new experiences. I need a little luck and fortunate timing. I have a feeling the best comes soon.


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