Friday, April 14, 2017

Top Ten Movies I Can Watch Again And Again

One positive watching movies is selected movies each person can watch again and again. These movies we watch infinitely connect with us. We calm down. We laugh. We reflect. We learn. We discover. There is something in the movie we relate in real life. Been there, done that. We are always 100% satisfied watching the movie from beginning to end or watching selected scenes.

Grease (1978) is one movie I can watch again and again. The movie cheers me up when I'm depressed. I like the music. I pictured myself attending high school in the late 1950s during one movie watch. If I have children, then I'm comfortable they can watch Grease with no worries. I consider Grease a family movie.

Here are the top ten movies I can watch again and again:

10. The Dark Knight (2008). The movie was all Heath Ledger. If I name my favorite evil character, Heath Ledger's Joker comes to my mind first.

9. For Your Eyes Only (1981). My personal all-time favorite Bond movie. It was the first Bond movie I watched. Humor, action, gadgets, car chase, and a great opening Bond scene.

8. Hot Fuzz (2007). I remember watching the first 15 minutes at a friend's house. We all laughed our asses. I exited the house because there was another commitment. I watched the movie for the second time from start to finish at the end of the year. I like movies which go full circle.

7. Beverly Hills Cop (1984). Eddie Murphy's breakout movie. No green screen special effects for the action and comedy movie classic.

6. Wall Street (1987). The movie about Bud Fox who wanted to be Gordon Gekko realized he was just Bud Fox. Most of the movie regarding business is true today.

5. E.T. The Extra Terrestrial (1982). I wish I was more like Elliott when I was a child. He had more courage and more attractiveness towards girls. E.T. was the first movie I watched in an outdoor movie theater decades later.

4. Star Wars IV (1977). I was a child who smiled at every battle scene and every special effect. I didn't understand the plot. My favorite scene is Obi-Wan gave Luke his first lesson in The Force inside the Millennium Falcon.

3. Stand By Me (1986). Four boys took a journey to find the body of a missing boy before they begin junior high school. It was my first coming-of-age movie. I include Breaking Away (1979) in number #3 because it's another good coming-of-age movie.

2. Saving Private Ryan (1998). My personal all-time favorite war movie. The movie should have won best picture instead of Shakespeare In Love.

Honorable mentions: Aliens, Clerks, The Princess Bride, and Toy Story.

1. Good Will Hunting (1997). I watched the movie for the first time in 2014. It's another movie I watch when I feel depressed. I tell myself I'm a good Raymond Mar sincerely. My all time favorite ending and end credits. I like the tagline: Some people can never believe in themselves, until someone believes in them.


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