Sunday, June 18, 2017

Control What You Can Control And Trust Life What You Can't Control

Blogger’s Note: I wrote two versions for today's blog. I rejected my first version because it was another daily activities or recent events blog my regular readers know. However, I choose to post the first version in Finding Raymond Mar because I express my frustrations and I share a life lesson. Click Control What You Can Control And Trust Life What You Can't Control FRM to read the first version.

We live our present today for our future tomorrow. We make choices today which affects tomorrow. However, we can't control everything in our lives. We can't control accidents, weather, economy, diseases, the end of life for a microwave, products obsolete, car battery died, a basketball shot hits the rim, and getting caught for a traffic violation. Anything "Act Of God" no human being controls. It's normal to express frustration and anger for something negative which happens beyond your control. Trust destiny, fate, karma, and chance life flows in favor for the part of life we can't control. Trust good luck, good timing, and good fortunes come soon.

Live life accepting control what you can control. Live life accepting don't control what you can't control. Let life choose what happens today and what happens tomorrow. Hope for the best. Pray for the worse.


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