Thursday, June 08, 2017

Have I Ever Chased Something Or Someone?

I asked myself the chase question last night. Was I successful chasing? Or was I successful getting what I want? I worked to achieve a goal. Earning a college degree doesn't count. Daily errands are too small to be considered. Winning a casino jackpot is silly. Watching a television series from episode one to the end of the series is ridiculous. Almost all of my friends I have met we share a common hobby at a common place. These instances involve no challenge. There are little frustrations. Mistakes made are minimal. Anyone can graduate with a college degree. Students attend classes, study, take exams, and pass.

I'm chasing plenty for the first time in my life. The chase, seek, or working hard and working intelligently is, in brief, independence. Say them whatever with different words. I want to live a good life consistently, to make my own choices, be proactive, and to control more of my life. I'm chasing the best job I have ever worked. No more data entry. No more short-term contracts. I continue learning new job skills such as Python and Tableau. I'm chasing new circle of friends. I'm looking for mature good people. I'm chasing independence. I'm chasing intelligence. I'm chasing new adventures and new experiences. I'm pursuing happiness. I succeed passing the finish line.

An exception is meeting people. Be attractive. Attract people to meet new people, make new friends, and find love.


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