Sunday, December 23, 2018

Black Friday 2018

My Black Friday 2018 shopping was 55% bare necessities, 18% upgrades, and 27% fun or splurge. I include a Cyber Monday 2018 purchase which was fun or splurge in the percentages above.

Wed Nov 22

I purchased Nike SB Bruin Max Vapor skateboard shoes at Amazon.

Fri Nov 24

Pep Boys 7:57am. Two Castrol 5 gallon oil and two Purolator oil filters. Bare necessities.

Target 8:56am. Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000. Bare necessities.

Best Buy 9:19am. Samsung 28" LED monitor U28E590D. Upgrades.

Office Depot Office Max 10:10am. Two 24-pack Crystal Geyser bottle water. Bare necessities. SanDisk 128GB 3.0 USB flash memory stick. Upgrades.

The two closest Office Depot Office Max stores closed. We assisted a UPS driver who lost his package in the Office Depot Office Max strip shopping mall. The delivery truck back door was unlocked.

Rite-Aid 10:56am. Haagen-Dizs two 14oz vanilla ice cream. Fun or splurge.

USPS 1:22pm. Mailed letter Priority Mail.

Target 2:06pm. Maple Cheerios. Fun or splurge. I purchased a box of Cheerios because I wanted a 20% coupon on my Cartwheel account.

Sat Nov 24

I purchased Earth Therapeutics foot creams and Faberware paring knife at Kohl's. Bare necessities and upgrades, respectively.

Mon Nov 26

I purchased Kingdomino board game at Target. Fun or splurge.

Thur Nov 29

I purchased Head & Shoulders shampoo regular and Head & Shoulders shampoo eucalyptus at Walgreens. Bare necessities. I included the two shampoo bottles because I paid the same price from a past Black Friday using a manufacture coupon. I paid $7 for the two bottles.

Tue Dec 4

I returned the SanDisk 128GB 3.0 USB flash memory stick back to Office Depot Office Max.

Black Fridays achieved the status quo years ago in my opinion. I shop on Black Fridays to purchase bare necessities which includes stocking up on bare necessities, to buy new durable goods, to upgrade existing durable goods, and to buy DVDs on my wish list. Black Fridays are good shopping days for appliances, clothes, new TVs, desktop parts, and towels. If I can wait for the Black Friday, then I wait.

Black Friday happens daily on SlickDeals. I subscribe to their Frontpage Deals alerts.


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