Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Allergies And Coughs November 2018

I got sick a third time in 2018. Frustrating again. The first time I got sick was Jan 2018 Allergies And Coughs January 2018. The second time I got sick was Apr 2018 Allergies And Coughs April 2018. I blog how I treated myself and the likely causes because I want to reference my treatment the next time I get sick. I didn't panic. Obvious symptoms. Minimal pain. Quick recovery. Today's blog is minimally edited.

Sat Nov 24, 2018. Sore throat began late night. I confirmed after drinking water the pain was sore throat pain instead of dry throat pain. I began thinking about the causes for my upcoming sickness. I felt warm to cold in a warm room. I felt eating.

Sun Nov 25. My body wanted a double breakfast. I took an afternoon nap. It was too early to tell how to treat my upcoming sickness. I hoped my sickness was a sore throat only. My ears popped open at night when I opened my mouth.

Mon Nov 26. Sore throat improved. Runny nose at night. White color mucus. No nap.

Tue Nov 27. I woke up with a stuffy nose. Phlegm ran down my throat. If I coughed, then bad news because there was sickness. No yogurt. No medications. No drugs. I drank Coke. Ate wisely. Took naps. White color phlegm. I coughed once at Staples. I coughed once before lunch. I took a 2.5 hour afternoon nap. Sore throat disappeared at night. I slept with a Breathe Right strip.

Wed Nov 28. One long coughed. If I long coughed a few times, then I took Mucinex DM. I wore my Breathe Right strip all day. Recovery was faster as long as I sleep well. My past sicknesses recovery was slow when I coughed while I fall asleep. White phlegm color. I took a one hour nap. I coughed. Phlegm down my throat. Yellow phlegm color. I took Mucinex DM at 10pm. Weather temperatures normal for Nov and autumn season.

Thur Nov 29. No problems sleeping last night. I continue drinking Coke for lunch and dinner. I took a Mucinex DM at 10:15am. Ears popped when I opened my mouth. I had diarrhea after breakfast. I watched my liquid intake. My causes for diarrhea were either too much liquid in my body or Mucinex DM. Coughs were dry and few throughout the day. I worked out at the gym lifting weights on machines minimal workout. No coughing at the gym. I took a Mucinex DM at 11:30pm drinking a few sips of water instead of a full glass. No diarrhea. I wore a Breathe Right strip when I slept.

Fri Nov 30. I slept 10+ hours last night. The heater was accidentally on throughout the night woke me up at 6:45am. My throat felt dry fearing another sore throat. I drank three sips of water. I went back to bed after turning off the heater. I woke up at 11am. No coughing. I took a Mucinex DM at 11:30am. White phlegm color. I worked out at the gym free weights minimal workout. I took a Mucinex DM at midnight.

Sat Dec 1. Good sleep last night. I took a Mucinex DM at 12:10pm. I had diarrhea three times. My body must be rejecting Mucinex DM. I stopped taking Mucinex DM.

Sun Dec 2. One diarrhea in the morning. Last day I drank Coke.

Tue Dec 4. Cardio workout 20 minutes on the cycle and 20 minutes on the treadmill.

Wed Dec 5. Cardio workout 20 minutes on the cycle and 20 minutes on the treadmill.

How Did I Get Sick

My brother's family. All of them had the flu the week before they visited for Thanksgiving holiday. They showed no symptoms when they visited. Probability: 20%.

In the air. It's flu season. It's Black Friday where people shopped at stores. Probability: 40%.

Poor lunch. I ate a poor lunch when we came home for Black Friday to rest. There was more shopping in the afternoon. Probability: 33%.

Mom's leftover bad chicken. I was the only person eating my mom's leftover bad chicken to make homemade fried rice in the microwave. Probability: 25%.

Frozen shrimp. The family ate frozen shrimp the day after Thanksgiving. I ate cold frozen shrimp. I initially thought it got cold after being on the serving plate. Maybe my shrimp was not fully cooked. Food allergy was my sickness. Probability: 70%.

Poor body hygiene. I didn't wash my hair in four days. Probability: 10%.


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