Saturday, December 08, 2018

There Are Losers For Every Winner

You don't need to be a sports fan to know there is one Super Bowl winner in football, one World Series winner in baseball, one NBA Finals winner in basketball, and one Stanley Cup finals winner in hockey. The rest of the teams lost; moreover, there are teams finishing a season with a losing record. Every team doesn't win their championship. Every team doesn't win 100% of their games. There are exceptions such as the 1972 Miami Dolphins going 17-0 including their Super Bowl championship.

The sports analogy applies to life in general. There are winners. There are losers. We are told in our young years we can do anything we want. Success comes with hard work. We are not told in our young years success is not guaranteed. Most parents don't teach their children "life is not fair" seriously. There are people doing their best without successful outcomes. There are no rewards. There are people unblessed. There are people with misfortunes. There are people who made a mistake they never recovered. Sometimes an Act Of God is responsible for the loss outcomes. Sometimes an Act Of God is responsible for a handicap.

Good people think optimistically. Be positive. Good things happen to those who wait. Successful people work hard focusing on their goals. Never give up. These phases are common when we earn our desires. However, we should prepare for losses. The plaintiff and the defendant both don't win in a court. One person wins in a boxing match. One person wins in a poker tournament. One person wins an Oscar in a category. One student wins in a spelling bee. Losing stinks. There are people who lose more than win. Losing too many times feels like there's no reason to live life. There are people who live many unfortunate moments they die in unfortunate causes. It's life.

How Many Rejections Does A Person Take?

In particular, how many job rejections does an unemployed person take? The job market continues to be tough despite good economic news and low unemployment rate. There are many job applicants for a job opening. Some unemployed quit job searching. They admit loss. They believe nobody gives them an opportunity. They can't compete in today's job market requiring complex skills and advanced knowledge. The job hiring system rewards job candidates with both recent experience and relevant knowledge. Most unemployed learning new skills are denied job offers because they don't have recent experience or there are gaps in their employment history. The unemployed who stop looking for a job are excluded from the unemployment rate.

The world is zero-sum. People who win more than lose there are people who lose more than win. How does God console the people who lose more than win?


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