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Highlight And Favorite 2017 Tweets

Here are my 41 highlight Tweets and 8 favorite Favorites Tweets in 2017. The goals delaying one year are relearning from my mistakes, reinforcing my lessons, reminding myself my moments, refreshing acquired knowledge, rediscovering new wisdom, and sharing changes. Follow me @inin61 Enjoy!


Jan 07: published an article on men truths given from men like you and me from Askmen subreddit

Jan 09: RT @normfeuti: RETAIL 1/8 "Returns" Read RETAIL every day at

Jan 21: superfluous: Being more than is sufficient or required; excessive. Unnecessary or needless. #mynewwordoftheday

Jan 25: The Dow Jones closes above 20000 first time in history closing at 20068.51. Intraday high 20075.73. S&P closes 2298.37. NASDAQ 5656.34.

Feb 09: Parents, teach your young children eye contact with other people by asking them what's the color of the other person's eyes.

Feb 27: I crave intelligence again.

Mar 04: The simple answer to Excel's pivot tables is calculations with criteria. It creates reports which contain calculations with criteria.

Mar 10: Person A: Say something intelligent.
Person B: I believe you're cute. "

Mar 19: Tonight's 60 Minutes' segment takes place in San Francisco. USF [outsources] workers to cut costs. The displaced workers trained replacements

Apr 13: Check your vehicle for recalls. NHTSA's free website Enter your vehicle's VIN.

Apr 16: Headliner from Mercury News. Wettest winter rain on record water conservation habits continue. I continue my habits such as shorter showers.

Apr 20: fibromyalgia is chronic muscle pain, fatigue, sleep problems, and widespread tenderness #mynewwordoftheday

Apr 23: I can't explain why it took me decades to watch the movie A Few Good Men in its entirety. Good movie with an all-star cast.

Apr 23: I had watch parts of A Few Good Men staying in hotels for decades. I watched the beginning. Now I understand the ending #raymondshistorybook

May 16: I finished reading The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz book by L. Frank Baum. Good fairytale book any age. There are differences between book & movie

May 16: Dorothy wore ruby slippers in The Wizard Of Oz movie. The book version she wore silver shoes. #mytriviaoftheday

Jun 06: An example of bad luck. Nikki Nelson's opponent had four queens with two pocket Q's. Nelson had a royal flush at the flop.

Jun 06: The Car Connection published an article self driving cars is a $7T industry by 2050

Jul 01: Write all your handwriting in cursive for July. Bring back cursive. No print. Do you remember your cursive handwriting?

Jul 02: The Simpsons episode Bart's Comet, Flanders sang the song Que Sera, Sera or Whatever will be, will be by Doris Day #mytriviaoftheday

Jul 07: TIL a government security clearance costs a minimum $50,000.

Jul 15: Checklist. Do you have the following: shelter, food, and support? Also, do you have a bed, a refrigerator, and a toilet?

Jul 15: Are you in good health? Do you have a brain or no mental illness? Is access to retail stores close by? If all answers are yes, then

Jul 15: you should be happy. Otherwise, no complaining about life.

Jul 23: Purple Rain by Prince on a Technics SL-1200 M3D Turntable #mysongoftheday

Jul 23: Prince said Purple Rain means the end of the world being with your lover letting faith guide you through purple rain

Jul 25: Zero is an even number. #mytriviaoftheday

Jul 25: Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE was found in 90% of brains donated deceased players studied for concussions

Aug 07: Nothing cannot last forever.

Aug 11: Husbands and boyfriends better complete the honey to-do list. Wives and girlfriends must not abuse your honey to-do list.

Aug 15: Excel tip. Ctrl + Shift + ~ converts a cell to General format. General format useful to see what's really in the cell. No format deception.

Aug 17: I never had a flying dream.

Aug 20: I dreamed I flew for the first time. Flew locally from my house to De Anza college. Low altitude. Song I Want To Break Free by Queen played.

Aug 22: RT @RogerCude: This is what the #SolarEclipse2017 looked like from a plane!

Sep 07: Excel tip. Use integer INT() function to remove decimals. =INT(16.98748754) returns 16. Likewise for INT(16.11245478) and INT(16.45487897).

Sep 19: Excel tip. Deactivate GETPIVOTDATA cell referencing in pivot table. File>Options>Formulas>uncheck Use GetPivotData functions for Pivot...

Sep 19: Board gamer spent $16k+ on Kickstarter board games Original Reddit

Oct 05: Project Euler has a 46k text file containing 5,000+ first names Source:

Nov 01: A baby monitor alerts the caregiver taking care of a person with Alzheimer's disease anywhere in the house

Dec 06: Mercury News 12/3 today's homes burn faster because open floor plans and synthetic materials. Up to 3 min escape. 30 years ago up to 17 min.

Dec 15: TIL Color Hex website Find a color's RGB, HEX, CMYK. Get the color codes for Facebook, Google, and popular color palettes.

Favorite Favorites

Jan 17: @HistoryInPics, Very excited to wish a Happy 95th Birthday to the fabulous @BettyMWhite.,,,

Feb 5: @NickiJhabvala, Just another game ...

Apr 18: @arstechnica, Trump will sign executive order to begin revamp of H-1B visa program

Apr 18: @arstechnica, "Think of how the average police car wastes as it idles for hours every day—with this, that's a thing of the past."

Jun 12: @warriors, For the second time in three seasons, the Warriors are your NBA Champions!

Jul 19: @SexWithEmily, Having sex regularly makes you healthier, but aspects of your sex life can tell you ABOUT your health. @bustle

Sep 28: @hughhefner, "In my wildest dreams, I could not have imagined a sweeter life." - Hugh M. Hefner 1926 - 2017

Nov 3: @SexWithEmily, No better way to break in the rooms in your house than to have sex in them all.


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