Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Throwback Blog: I Remember These Tragedies Forever

Blogger’s Note: Throwback blogs are blogs from my past. I start posting past blogs reflecting what I wrote. It's like my "A Second Look" blogs for which I give myself feedback.

Today's throwback blog is titled I Remember These Tragedies Forever in May 2014. Tragedies happen every day. Today's information age people are informed any tragedies big or small. A sad part is some big tragedies happened in the past are small tragedies in the present. Which of the following tragedies below if they happen today are still big? Which of the following tragedies below if they happen today are small?

Here are some tragedies which made the top stories nationally or globally. I remember where I was and what I did when I heard of the news.

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting, Dec 2012. I read the news from a friend's Tweet. I turned on the television minutes later. All major networks covered the shooting.

Michael Jackson Died, June 2009. My Facebook timeline was filled with "MJ RIP", "Michael Jackson is dead", and the like status. All media including radio and internet focused their attention on Michael Jackson.

Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, LA, Aug 2005. I visited my friend who lived in Washington. I heard of the evacuations on a radio inside a bookstore at Port Orchard, WA. I saw the destruction on television when we visited Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

9/11, Sep 11, 2001. My alarm clock broke. I called my co-worker telling him I'm coming to work late. He asked me if I heard the news. I responded with an answer work related. He corrected me saying the Twin Towers in New York City, NY blew up. I went to the television minutes later confused. The pictures showed the whole story.

Columbine Shooting, Apr. 1999. I turned on the news radio going to work. I said to myself, "What the f*ck!"

Operation Desert Storm, Jan 1991. A friend I called told me we attacked Iraq in response to Saddam Hussein invading Kuwait. He found out from another person at a local park.

Loma Prieta Earthquake, San Francisco, CA, Oct. 1989. I studied Algebra I in my room.


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