Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Promoting The Great State Of . . .

In live in California and the license plates in California sucks. The license plate has a plain white background and California in red capital letters. There is no picture, no decoration. It's a plain license plate. In Washington, their license plate has a picture of a mountain. (Unfortunately, I'm not sure which mountain in Washington.) British Columbia has a plain white background which at least the license plate says "Beautiful British Columbia." And when I went to Oregon in November, Oregon license plates has a picture of a tree (with a mountain background?) and colors.

California has its problems with budgets, high cost of living, and an action hero as the governor. Is it possible to help promote California by creating a more beautiful California license plate? I like to see something on the license plate when I wait at a red light @__@

Side note: In California, car owners can purchase a California license plate with a picture of a dolphin for an extra DMV fee $-(


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