Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back Up Your Files

You don’t need to be a techie or geek to know the importance of backing up your computer files. Buy an external hard drive or flash memory. Use rewriteable CDs or DVDs. Install a second hard drive. Partition your primary hard drive. Any suggestion works well from small files to big files. Memory is getting cheaper. Back up your files before you turn off your computer. Back up your files after you’re finished with your session for those who keep their computers on activate the stand by or hibernate mode.

At work, I backup my files using CD rewriteables. I have five CD rewriteables, one for each working day. I overwrite some files every seven days. If my laptop crashes, then I have my backup files and I’m ready to go the next working day. My co-worker’s laptop crashed twice; fortunately, her files were recoverable.

At home, I use flash memory and external hard drives. My Dell laptop and HP laptop have not crashed. Lucky so far. My home PC crashed. The PC files were backed up using flash memory and a second hard drive. The family lost no important files.

There is no excuse to avoid backing up your files. Back up your files constantly.

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