Thursday, September 18, 2008

September, The Beginning of the End

September begins the end of a year. Football season begins. The World Series is one month away and baseball teams with playoff hopes are playing their best. School begins for all grade levels and college. Autumn season begins September 21. Many family and friends vacations ended. And for those who commute to work in urban and suburban areas, traffic is back -__-

I think September as, “It’s September. Time for the second beginning of the year.” (Personally, New Year’s Day is just another day and not a new beginning. I mean the second beginning as the second beginning of the calendar year.) In October, there’s Halloween. In November, there’s Thanksgiving Day. In December, there’s Christmas. There is also time zone back to standard time, bringing the extra blanket from the closet, basketball and hockey seasons begin, and Christmas shopping. Cooler temperatures are coming back. Remember for adjusting clocks, spring forward, fall back DX

September 2008 is unique because the Beijing Olympics was held in August 2008. It’s like the Olympics was held yesterday. The race for the next President of the USA begins with Democratic Barack Obama and Republican John McCain. The election is historic because we either have the first black president or the first woman vice-president. Registered voters please vote because the election is going to be close. The uncertainty of the economy continues. People at work and around me have been bitter. I’m confident the bitterness is temporary. And, for me, I have been making too many mistakes and feeling depressed. For instance, I’m going through a personal identity crisis =( I’m confident I beat the crisis and become a better person and know more about me =)

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