Friday, September 19, 2008

Best Way To Feel Happy

What is the best way to be happy? What is the best way to be in a state of happiness? The answer is people. My number one value is always meet new people. Anytime a person feels sad, lonely, and despair, there are people who help the person feel happy, wanted, and the feeling of hope. Everyone wants to be wanted and needed. Charming, darling, and sincere people want to be with charming, darling, and sincere people.

One common theme in the Innovate Common Knowledge Blog is always meet new people. I continue to repeat and to promote never stop meeting new people. People are happy by knowing people. People are happy by being with people. If you can’t find new people or new friends, then keep trying. If you know people and have a good amount of friends, then continue to meet more new people and increase your number of friends. I believe there is never a set amount of friends one can have. In any social situation, there is a 97% chance you meet new people and there is a 3% chance you become at least acquaintances or friends or maybe beyond friends. The 3% is huge when successful.

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