Monday, September 29, 2008

2008-2009 Goals

On Monday August 4, 2008 I evaluated my 2007-2008 goals. I evaluate my goals yearly on my birthday August 3. I’m expressing disappointment because I forgot some of the goals resulting in failure. Another disappointment is I have four goals for 2008-2009. The goals are learn mahjong, read three books, maintain a consistent exercise schedule going three days a week, and build a PC. Having goals is better than no goals; however, the four goals are easy to complete. The last goal is supposed to be completed in 2007-2008; however, a blessing in disguise as I expect bargain prices for PC hardware with the slowdown in the economy.

I can include Meet Another 100 People goal which I exclude because I’m at the level where it’s easy for me to meet new people in many social situations. Looking forward 2009 might be a bad year since 2004. Perhaps, I include goal number 5 which is Find Who I Am. I’m still lost and I don’t know what to do. Finding who I am takes more than one year to accomplish. Perhaps a five year goal? *sigh* Where’s my courage?

I digress. 2008 is the “Year I Prepare For The Big Break Part II.” So far, the preparation is satisfactory. I’m thinking 2009 is the “Year With Everything To Gain And Nothing To Lose.” 2009 is the year to take risks, expand my experiences, and no fear to make mistakes. For the record, 2009 is not an excuse to take drugs or drink alcohol. Today, I have been taking a few small risks.

Review your goals regularly at consistent times such as once every two or three months. Add, remove, and/or revise goals. Keep your focus. Use your goals to become a better person. Goals help a lost soul move forward. Innovate infinitely. Never stop innovating life.

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