Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tip To Kill Insects

Here’s a tip to kill insects such as bugs, flies, and mosquitoes if you don’t have a fly swatter or don’t want to use your hand. Hold a stack of paper, magazines, or section of the newspapers with two hands. Keep the stack together and unfolded. Why? The reason is you drop the stack on top of the insect. When the insect lands on a solid surface such as a table and you have no objects near the insect, you drop the stack on top and smash the insect like a plane dropping a bomb. You are going to have a dead mark on the stack `__* The good news is the insect is dead XD

To repeat, hold a stack of papers with two hands and drop the stack on top of the insect when it’s on a surface. Don’t roll the stack into a cylinder shape like a baseball bat. Keep the stack unfolded to maximize the area to smash the insect. The stack must have weight to be an effective drop and smash ^^

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